Book review

Diamond Grading ABC - the Manual

Author: Verena Pagel-Theisen

322 pages. 455 DKR

Sold by Aktiv Guld A/S

In this revised, enlarged and updated 10th edition, the author has included in-depth information about the technical and scientific changes which have taken place in the diamond industry.

This book is a classic, written by one of the most acknowledged and respected authors in goldsmithing. Some of the latest developments in the field of diamond grading are covered, including laser inscription of the certificate number on the girdle in response to increasing security concerns, treatment methods such as fracture filling, color enhancement methods, improved simulants, moissanite and synthetic diamonds.

The Manual remains a practical guide to diamond grading, useful for diamond dealers, jewelers and gemologists.

Verena describes the natural and artificially colored diamonds and methods of detection and differentiation in great details. The review of diamond quality is vital and brilliant, since the 4Cs is the universal phrase for referring to the four qualities that determine the value of any diamond, anywhere in the world. This simple mnemonic device, along with the grading standards and practices, means that diamond quality can be communicated in a universal language so diamond purchasers know exactly what they are buying.

The author explains thoroughly where and how the diamonds are converted from carbon in geological layers and geographic areas of the world.

The consequences of the illegal trade with conflict- or blood diamonds are included, as well as the countermeasures against the trade. Diamond simulants or imitations are described as well and a review of how to systematic assessment them.

This updated edition deserves a place in every diamond grader’s reference library.