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Book review

Jewelry Illustration

Author: Dominique Audette

293 sider pages. 190 DKR.

Exclusively sold in Scandinavia by Aktiv Guld A/S

Being able to express ideas, shapes and dimensions through illustrative sketches and technical drawings is not an easy task. It requires both professional insight and considerable discipline.

But the value of visualizing your thoughts in collaboration with unique assignments – or designing an entire new collection, can make the difference whether a customer chooses your products rather than your rivals.Illustrated with almost 1000 drawings, the book “Jewelry Illustration” guides the reader through all the techniques that can be used for drawing jewelry.

You'll learn the technical drawing technique, moving on to a thorough review of the theory of perspective drawing with all its fundamental rules and fascinating techniques. You end up being able to reproduce the product with the correct perspective, which gives the drawing the amazing sense of something truly three-dimensional.

Last but not least, one learns how to draw a useful drawing with a beautiful finish and how jewelry should be placed when drawn on a face or on a hand.

The author, Dominique Audette, is French-Canadian, and she has a bachelor's degree in Art History and a certificate in jewelery design from GIA. Since 1987, she has taught in jewelery design, art history and sculpture in Quebec.

Books about jewelry illustration are rare, and the detail of this book makes it unique and a must for those who works daily with designing jewelry.

Jewelry illustration is key in communicating your ideas, to clients or to your future self.

It covers every aspect of jewelry illustration: rendering 3-D forms, shading, and showcasing designs from any angle. Having taught at the School of Jewelry in Quebec City since 1987, Audette knows her subject matter and how to teach it; she starts with basics, building your skills with over 1,000 of her own step-by-step illustrations.

Even if you don't frequently draw your jewelry, this is a timeless reference.