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Steel bezel mandrel, round 1.5 - 5 mm

Article no. AS00250
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Steel bezel mandrel, or ring mandrels, are essential and versatile tools for jewellery makers, helping the goldsmith to bring designs to life.


  • Shape: Round
  • Size: 1.50 - 5 mm
  • Total length: 160 mm
  • Working length: 110 mm


Used for forming or re-shaping metal, mandrels are particularly useful when working with rings. They can be used to form a ring or a circular bezel to a chosen approximate size, to re-size an existing ring, or to correct the shape of a misshapen ring.


This unmarked, steel bezel mandrel or ring mandrel, is made from cast iron, specially hardened, and should be kept clean and polished to avoid any marks which may be transferred onto the surface of your metal.


Mandrels come in different shapes. You are always welcome to contact us if you are interested in hearing more about the many opportunities.

Mandrel: Steel bezel mandrel