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The Sustainable Development Goals 

The 17 goals

Sustainablity has become a familiar word. Questions typically focus on how we’re able to live, consume and produce in a sustainable manner! In fact, the very essence of sustainability. It can be difficult to know where to start if as a private individual or a company you wish to act in a sustainable manner.

A good place to start is to consider the so-called global goals that the UN adopted in 2015. These 17 Sustainable Development Goals highlight national challenges with regional and global consequences which individual countries find it difficult to deal with alone. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are based on eliminating hunger and poverty, reducing inequality, ensuring quality education and better health, ensuring decent work and guaranteeing sustainable economic growth. They are designed to make the world a better place by supporting good, sustainable development.

The 17 global goals are easy to understand and easy to work with.

How can we use the goals? 

In a departure from previous goals, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals concern not only developing countries,  but also countries such as Denmark. This means that we also have to ask ourselves what we can do to ensure sustainable development in our part of the world. Nobody can do everything on their own. We need to work together.

For Aktiv Guld, the global goals are good to use in order to clarify what we already do with regard to sustainability. They are also good to use as the basis for a discussion of where and what we will focus on in future in our efforts to do an even better job.

This means being realistic in terms of what we wish to contributeas opposed to what we can contribute. Where will ourpriorities lie?

This is why in this edition of The Fair we’ve turned our attention to the global goals and a selection of the products which we carry and which we regard as having a sustainable profile.

Aktiv Guld A/S - Focus areas 

​Goal 4: Quality Education 

Education has always been a priority for Aktiv Guld, and our courses are designed to maintain and further develop proud traditions and methods of craftsmanship.

This is why we’ve also chosen to highlight our efforts with regard to Sustainable Development Goal no. 4 concerning quality education.

​Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth 

Aktiv Guld works with manufacturers that focus on a good working environment. This means, among other things, that we’re always ready to propose solutions that limit the use of harmful chemicals, for example.

Aktiv Guld stresses that a place of employment must be designed according to the people working there – and not the other way round. This means that ergonomics are paramountonthe machines we sell. This, in turn, will mean that thoseusing them won’t suffer from injuries that shorten their workinglife, whilst at the same time enabling each employee towork more efficiently. This not only ensures decent work, but also economic growth, and, as such, why global goal no. 8 is also important to us.

​Goal 12: Responsibale consumption and production 

Global goal no. 12 concerns responsible consumption and production, and is one of the key global goals for Aktiv Guld. This means utilising our natural resources in the best possible manner, responsible handling and use of chemicalsand – as a company – having focus on the fact that the products we carry must as far as possible have a sustainable profile.

At Aktiv Guld we focus on gold that is certified as being recycled. 

Let us hear from you 

There’s nothing either too big or too small when it comes to the global sustainability goals. We have chosen to highlight three global goals as key to the sustainable development to which we think we can contribute. For others, it can be a case of focusing on a single goal.

We’re interested in hearing more about, what others do, and what others think, we can do better.