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Customize your workbench

Having the right workbench is absolutely crucial. At Aktiv Guld, you can greatly customize your workbench to fit your daily work.

You spend many hours at your workbench and need to have precise control over tools and machinery - and ergonomics above all should be in place when you are sitting and working on items that require high precision.

At Aktiv Guld, you have the opportunity to customize your workbench to fit your exact needs. You can thus define the height of the table yourself and decide how many drawers and cabinets the table should contain.

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Choose drawers, shelves, and cabinets

In addition to height, you can also customize your workbench in terms of storage. This means that based on a standard model, you can choose how many drawers, shelves, and cabinets your workbench should have.

If you use many different types of tools, it may be relevant to have good organization at your workstation, with several drawers where the tools are sorted so you can quickly find the right items.

Similarly, an extendable drawer under the tabletop is also an option, so you have the most used tools close at hand.

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If you need one or more machines at the table, shelves are a good idea - just as there should be a consideration for a power outlet in the customized solution if the table is to accommodate electrical appliances.

Add colors to your workbench

If you're the colorful type, there's also room for that!

Our custom-made workbench is primarily made of solid beech wood, but in addition, it's possible to have features such as drawers and tabletop covered with a laminated material, which is both durable and easy to maintain.

The laminate panels are available in several different colors including blue, green, black, gray, white, and brown. You thus have the opportunity to match it to your company's decor.

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Highest quality - every time

At Aktiv Guld, you'll find workbenches, all built upon keywords like quality, functionality, comfort, and design. Design is incredibly important when it comes to workbenches, as there are many details that are crucial to the jeweller's work process and efficiency. Additionally, you can have a GRS attachment mounted on your jeweller's bench by the manufacturer, so you don't have to install it yourself afterwards.

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We only offer the best solutions in the industry, so you can rest assured that the highest quality is incorporated into the product - every time you shop with us.

Get a custom-made workbench

If you wish to furnish your workshop with a custom-made workbench, you can contact us at ag@aktivguld.com or by phone at +45 4366 2000.

Benefits of a custom-made workbench

With a custom-made workbench from Aktiv Guld, you get:

  • A high-quality workbench with a professional appearance
  • A robust workbench that can withstand load and daily use for many years
  • An ergonomic workbench that ensures a comfortable and healthy working posture
  • Drawers, cabinets, and shelves tailored to your specific needs, keeping your workspace organized and enhancing productivity
  • Personalized advice to ensure you get the best solution that meets your specific requirements and desires