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MIG-O-MAT Soldering Equipment

At Aktiv Guld, we only provide machines that meet our requirements for the highest quality, safety, ergonomics and longevity. The popular soldering units Lötstar from MIG-O-MAT really live up to that and are the safest machines you can find on the market. By electrolysis, they produce hydrogen, a pure and perfect gas to be able to process all precious metals, even platinum. Below you can see our range of MIG-O-MAT soldering machines and accessories.

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Since 1972, the German company MIG-O-MAT has developed innovative welding and soldering technology for the jewelry and other industries. With more than 50 years of knowledge, MIG-O-MAT is today the market leader in micro-flame soldering and plasma welding with the highest rating for quality, reliability and efficiency.

Lötstar: Choose the right soldering unit for your business

At Aktiv Guld we offer three different Lötstar models from MIG-O-MAT. Depending on your individual needs, we tailor the equipment, adapted to exactly your business as gold- or silversmith.

Lötstar 241 and 301 are the units best suited to the jewelry industry and cover the entire spectrum from silver to platinum. The machines are designed for permanent operation and are extremely silent.

You are always welcome to contact us at Aktiv Guld and talk to one of our competent employees about your needs. We have extensive experience with MIG-O-MAT soldering machines and accessories, and also carry out all maintenance and repair work throughout Scandinavia by our authorized technicians.

Lötstar - machine built on the technology of the future

Regardless of which model suits your needs, Lötstar is based on the technology of the future – hydrogen, a clean gas that the machine produces using electrolysis and leaves only water as a waste product. This means that you use an energy source that never runs out, and you no longer have to bother with or pay for uncomfortable and expensive gas bottles.

Lötstar is also produced with consideration for our environment. The machine contains durable components that generate low consumption of electrolyte and flux compared to other machines on the market.

Lötstar - the safest machine on the market

As the machine is self-producing on gas, you no longer have to handle heavy, dangerous and expensive gas bottles in your workshop, thus saving a lot of time and money.

Gas bottles such as propane, acetylene and oxygen used when soldering with traditional gas torches are flammable and pose a great risk of explosion in case of fire or if the flame backfires. Lötstar produces gas only when you open the soldering handpiece and at a maximum pressure of 0.2 bar. In case of improper handling, a flame barrier with integrated flame stop, in front of the unit, would immediately cut off the gas supply, if the flame backfires.

The best soldering and welding unit for processing platinum

The Lötstar machines can be used for both soldering and welding. The pure hydrogen gas is perfect for processing platinum and with a temperature of approx. 3000 ˚C you can even weld platinum. Other gases used in traditional soldering processes can damage platinum due to the carbon content of the gas.

You can of course also solder silver, gold and other metals and here we recommend an external booster that optimizes the flame temperature and properties for these alloys.

Ekstern booster for gold and silver

Oxidation is the goldsmith's worst enemy. Gold and silver have to be processed at lower temperatures than, for example, platinum. With the help of an external booster that is filled with a flux impregnated granules, you not only lower the flame temperature, but also counteract the oxidation during soldering. The flux is a mixture of alcohol, borax and boric acid that counteracts the oxidation of copper-containing alloys.

Lower your costs and become more efficient with Lötstar

A Lötstar helps you saving time and money in the long term. Gas cylinder-handling-costs such as rental, filling and transport are completely eliminated and you also save a lot of time. You'll never run out of gas again, because Lötstar produces gas when needed by electrolysis. Lötstar 301 e.g. produces 300 liters of gas per hour. This makes it possible to connect even larger nozzles in order to be able to melt precious metal

Cleaning and maintenance of MIG-O-MAT Lötstar

A Lötstar unit generally requires very little maintenance and cleaning. You only need to check and empty the dry glass of condensation water, that forms during the electrolysis. Refill the electrolyte tank with a little DI water, when needed and also when flux in the external booster is used up. The electrolyte does not need to be changed for several years.

Should you need technical support, repairs, or help with maintenance, our authorized service technicians are always at hand. If you have questions or want help equipping your workshop with a Lötstar, do not hesitate to contact us at Aktiv Guld.