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At Aktiv Guld, you will find an extensive range of tools and machinery for your jewelry making. We have a close collaboration with our suppliers and always quality assure products before adding them to our inventory. This means that you are guaranteed the highest quality when you purchase a product from us. Explore our selection of professional goldsmith tools here on the website – and if you need advice or guidance, you are always welcome to contact us.

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Buy professional tools for your jewelry making

Aktiv Guld is one of the market’s leading full-line suppliers for the goldsmith and silversmith industry throughout the Nordic region. We service professional goldsmiths, craftsmen and designers and apprentices. Since our foundation in 1998, we have built our business on quality and good craftsmanship. Through our many years of experience, high quality, and fast delivery, we have provided our customers with the highest standard of service.

At Aktiv Guld, you will find a wide range of professional tools for jewelry making. We offer everything from basic hand tools like pliers, hammers, saw frames, and files to more specialized goldsmith tools such as joint cutters, precisions files, and stamps. Additionally, we provide a vast selection of consumables like drills, cutters, brushes, and diamond tiped tools for larger and more advanced machines, such as laser welders, PUK welding machines, engraving machines, and compressors. In other words, you'll find everything you need for your jewelry making endeavors.

Quality tools from the industry's best brands

We maintain close partnerships with our suppliers and always ensure product quality before adding them to our range. On our webshop, you will find high-quality tools from the absolute best brands in the industry. We carry products for engraving and gem setting from the renowned American brand GRS, as well as innovative items from Jura by GRS, a collaboration between GRS and the world-famous gem setter, Jura, whose work in jewelry design is of an exceptional caliber. Over the years, Jura has produced innovative tools capable of tackling even the most complex challenges. The tools from Jura by GRS also place special emphasis on ergonomics, contributing to a good working environment and maximizing efficiency. Without a doubt, Jura by GRS will revolutionize your workflow.

You can explore our selection of Jura by GRS products here.

Ergonomics at the forefront

Focusing on ergonomics is crucial, as it is essential for performing quality work while avoiding premature wear and tear. Therefore, it's important to set up your workshop with the right workbenches. At Aktiv Guld, we have over 20 years of experience, and we know that a good workbench should be tailored to your specific work, supporting your various workflows. In our assortment, you will find a wide range of standard models for goldsmith benches and watchmaker benches, but you also have the option to customize a goldsmith bench to match your exact needs.

Qualified guidance

Aktiv Guld consists of a competent and skilled team that has shared customers' passion for traditional and excellent craftsmanship since 1998. Whether it's about tools, semi-finished products, metals, or diamonds, Aktiv Guld possesses many years of experience, enabling us to advise and guide you in your next purchase.

We constantly stay up-to-date with new techniques and products to provide you with the best and most up-to-date guidance. Therefore, you can always be sure that we only recommend the very best products. This allows you to shop at Aktiv Guld with peace of mind, knowing that you're making not just a good purchase but the right one. With our day-to-day delivery and high-quality service, we contribute to helping you bring your creative ideas into the world securely.

Courses and seminars

At Aktiv Guld we provide two types of certified courses in close collaboration with GRS Tools. The courses are held two times a year at our facilities in Vallensbæk just a few kilometres outside of Copenhagen. Below you can read more about the courses and stay updated on the dates.