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At Aktiv Guld, you will find a wide range of exciting and inspiring literature that can help you explore new ideas and fine-tune your skills. There are books available for both professional goldsmiths and hobbyists involved in jewelry making. In our selection, you will find practical guides with basic techniques for beginners as well as advanced techniques for experienced goldsmiths. Below, you can explore our range of professional literature.


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    Explore the goldsmith trade with textbooks

    It's always good to be curious about new techniques and skills within your own field. At Aktiv Guld, we have gathered a range of professional literature that can inspire you to venture into new jewelry collections. Exciting literature that can provide you with new ideas or the opportunity to develop your skills in the goldsmith trade. Books that can open up new jewelry projects and complement the knowledge you already possess. Whether you make jewelry as a hobbyist or are a professional goldsmith, we will have an instructive book for you.

    At Aktiv Guld, you will find books that cover the entire spectrum of the goldsmith trade. You will find books that exclusively focus on wedding rings and prepare you to understand the purchase of these special rings. Furthermore, you will find books that delve into engraving techniques, presenting knowledge and practical skills that any engraver will find useful. 

    If you need to know more about specific books, the Aktiv Guld team will always be ready to assist.

    Learn to repair jewelry

    As you browse through Aktiv Guld's range of professional literature, you will come across two books by the author Alan Revere. With many years of teaching experience, he describes in easily understandable language the difficulties that may arise when producing and repairing jewelry.

    The book "Setting Repair" is one of the first books to illustrate and explain the repair of gemstone settings in jewelry. In the book, you will be introduced to repairs in sterling silver, karat gold, and platinum. The second book by the author Alan Revere is "Ring Repair," where he covers the repair and restoration of 15 different rings. Both books are filled with useful illustrations and photographs that will assist you in your work.

    These books are, therefore, valuable sources of information that can provide you with useful knowledge for repairing jewelry.

    Acquire drawing skills

    Jewelry making is a time-consuming process that can begin with paper and pencil to visualize the piece. Often, it can be difficult to communicate a design or a technical solution, but with a sketch, you can go a long way. To develop your skills in freehand drawing, you can find inspiration in Aktiv Guld's professional literature.

    At Aktiv Guld, you can find two books that focus on drawing techniques. The books are filled with illustrations and visual examples of how to start drawing jewelry before moving on to the actual shaping process. With these books, you can better understand and practice the technical possibilities in a design.

    After you have gone through the books and are ready to start the drawing process, Aktiv Guld also offers several useful tools, including different sizes of steel rulers.