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Get a metal account

At Aktiv Guld we have made it easy for you to recycle gold and silver, all while helping you manage your expenses. With a metal account, you can use your old gold to keep costs down when purchasing metal, chains, and other findings at Aktiv Guld.

It’s simple and easy

  • You deliver your waste, eg. filing, gold waste, silver waste, ingots or old jewellery.
  • We send it to our recognised and certified business partners, where its refined and analysed.
  • The content of fine gold and fine silver is then transferred to your metal account. Next time you buy finished gold or silver, you can use your metal account and thus only pay the labour price.
  • You will be invoiced based on the expenses outlined in the table


Be aware that if your metal waste contains platinum or palladium, it involves a longer and more comprehensive process, resulting in higher costs.

If your waste contains a significant amount of platinum and/or palladium, it can often be cost-effective to process the metal waste through this method, as it can cover all expenses. However, you must be certain of the content since it is an added expense compared to standard gold and silver refining.

Tips for sorting

When refining precious metals, the gross weight determines the costs. Therefore, it's worthwhile to be meticulous when sorting different types of waste.

  • For example, a file should be cleaned of iron from saw blades and files, which can be easily done using a magnet.
  • If you work with wax, it's a good idea not to file it into your precious metal waste. Wax cannot be separated but instead adheres to the metal.
  • If you submit complete jewellery for refining, ensure that beads and stones are detached.

If you wish to create a metal account or simply learn more about the options, please feel free to contact us at +45 4366 2000 or ag@aktivguld.com

Metal Calculators

Calculate the weight of a sheet, the length of a wire or how much fine gold you need to get a higher alloy and much more.

Metal calculators