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Grinding / Polishing

In jewelry making, the grinding and polishing work is crucial to achieve the beautiful finish on your jewelry. It is the final step in the process that adds the finishing touch and gives your jewelry creations a unique expression. At Aktiv Guld, we offer a comprehensive selection of tools, including various types and sizes of brushes, grinding and polishing discs. If you have any questions or need guidance, you are always welcome to contact us or visit our showroom in Vallensbæk.

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Make your jewelry sparkle with the proper grinding and polishing equipment

By choosing the appropriate tools, you can achieve an impressive and consistent finish on your gold, silver, and watch designs. The entire process starts with grinding, where you create a smooth and scratch-free surface. At Aktiv Guld, we offer a wide range of brushes and grinding discs specially designed to achieve the perfect result.

After grinding, it's time for polishing, where you make your surface shine and become mirror-like. Aktiv Guld offers special polishing wheels that are ideal for this process. By selecting the right polishing tools, you can achieve the desired luster on your jewelry.

When working with grinding and polishing, it's essential to keep grinding tools separate from polishing tools to avoid damaging the polishing discs with coarse abrasives.

Find grinding and polishing compounds at Aktiv Guld

To achieve shiny jewelry, you can benefit from using grinding and polishing compounds, which are applied to the respective grinding and polishing tools. It's important to choose the right compound to achieve the best results. At Aktiv Guld, you'll find a wide selection of grinding and polishing compounds designed for different types of materials.

For your grinding work, we recommend using the Lustra grinding compound at Aktiv Guld. Whether you're working with gold, silver, platinum, or steel, Lustra ensures a smooth and even surface. When it comes to polishing, Aktiv Guld offers a broad range of polishing compounds and pastes specially suited for various materials. By selecting the appropriate polishing compound, you can achieve a fantastic shine and a mirror-like surface on your jewelry.

See our selection of grinding and polishing compounds here.

Create unique jewelry with matte surfaces

When it comes to creating a unique surface on jewelry and other metal objects, it's essential to consider different techniques beyond traditional grinding and polishing. One of these techniques is matte finishing, which can provide a distinct surface treatment.

Matte finishing involves creating a dull or rough surface that differs from the shiny and reflective polishing. This finish can add an elegant and modern expression to jewelry and metals. Aktiv Guld offers a wide range of matte brushes designed to achieve various matte effects.

Machines for grinding and polishing jewelry

An efficient way to grind and polish jewelry and watches is by using a grinding or polishing motor. At Aktiv Guld, we have a wide selection of high-quality grinding and polishing machines.

Whether you prefer a traditional grinding and polishing motor, a polishing machine with exhaust, or a grinding table, you will find options in Aktiv Guld's broad range. If you're looking for a polishing machine ideal for bracelets and watches, the Polistar polishing machine is an excellent choice. This polishing machine is specially designed to meet the needs of both jewelers and watchmakers. With built-in exhaust, you can easily remove grinding dust and ensure a clean workspace. At Aktiv Guld, we also offer traditional grinding and polishing motors with spindles. These machines are equipped with powerful motors and allow you to use our wide range of grinding discs, polishing discs, and brushes.

At Aktiv Guld, we stock the versatile JoolTool grinding and polishing machine. JoolTool is a compact and efficient machine that can handle various grinding and polishing tasks from start to finish. It stands apart from other machines and manual filing work as an effective solution for all your grinding and polishing tasks. This machine is perfect for jewelry and watch repairs, as well as renovation of castings. It can also be used for grinding certain types of gemstones.

If you're unsure about which grinding and polishing machine is right for you, don't hesitate to contact us.

Don't forget to wear protective gear

When grinding and polishing, it can result in dirt and dirty hands. To avoid this, you can use gloves or finger guard protectors. These protective measures not only provide a cleaner working experience but are also especially useful if you have many items to grind and polish.

You can also use a dust box to limit grinding dust in your workshop. Additionally, at Aktiv Guld, we recommend wearing safety glasses during grinding and polishing work. This protects your eyes from flying particles and dust that could cause harm.

Check out Aktiv Guld's selection of safety and protective equipment here.