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Lampert invented and manufactures the "PUK fine welding technology".

The company specialises in the development, manufacture and sales of welding devices for the jewellery, dental field and industrial sectors. Dealers sell our products in over 60 countries and customers in over 100 countries use the PUK welding technology and appreciate its advantages.

Lamperts head office is situated in Werneck, between Frankfurt and Nürnberg.


Indutherm is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of casting systems with a focus on investment casting of smaller and mid-sized pieces, Rapid Prototyping casting and R&D.

Indutherm was founded in 1996.

The concept for the formation of the company: To make the jewelry casting more efficient, reliable and economical. From the beginning, our casting systems have been developed and tested in close cooperation with casting people from different sectors. We started with only three different machins (VC 300, VC 500 and CC 420).

Today Indutherm-casting technology is in use on all five continents in almost every country of the world.

GRS Tools

GRS is a company inspired by the love of engraving.

That inspiration has since been carried on through creation, innovation, and preservation of the arts of hand engraving and stonesetting. GRS has become a global brand recognized for its quality, customer service, and inventive solutions.

Products such as the GraverMach AT, GraverMax G8, BenchMate, and many others can be found on benches all over the world. After 40 years in business, the original passion can still be felt through the newest generation of GRS employees.

Jentner Plating Technology

Jentner Plating Technology stands since its establishment for quality standards, precision and competence.  

The company´s know-how is based on years of experience in the electroplating and surface finishing area. Innovative technologies and development make Jenther worldwide one of the leading manufactures of small electroplating devices and chemical baths, well-known in more than 30 countries around the world. Besides the electroplating devices and chemical baths production, Jentner offers complete planning solutions custom-made as well as optimization of processes.

Vivacolor by Jentner

Vivacolor is a colorful high-tech acrylic material for professional designs that awake your fantasy and creativity; futuristic design, fashion jewelry, new designs or restorations.

With Vivacolor, contemporary and friendly work processes are in harmony with details in design and the ability to fit into any structure following the exact shape and sketch. Without any additional effort, the surface can be transformed into shape and shine, giving your creations the finishing touch of traditional style, by hand or mechanically. f you change your favorite colour, you can burn out the acryl colour in fire or in the oven at medium heat without damaging the alloy surface and you can start creating again!

Organic, mineral surfaces are as easy and effortless to coat as amorphous materials like glass, enamel or porcelain.

Siro Lasertec

Since 1993, Siro Lasertec develops and distributes innovative laser-technology solutions for engraving, welding and cutting.

Siro Lasertec provide high-class laser-devices for different applications internationally and work on single pieces and small or large production runs fast and cost-savingly in wage labour, for companies or individuals.