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Diamonds & Gemstones

Many minerals form beautiful crystals, but the most valued of all are gemstones. In their uncut form, they often appear ordinary and do not stand out from other stones, but after cutting, faceting, and polishing, their full colours shine through, and their values truly come to the forefront. Out of the approximately 3,800 known minerals, fewer than 100 are classified as gemstones. This classification involves various physical properties, including hardness, luster, colour, and density. Rarity, as in many other contexts, is also a value-adding factor.


Leonardo da Vinci considered amethyst to increase intelligence and to keep evil thoughts awa​​​​​​​y. Amethyst is one of the most precious and valuable stones of the quartz group.

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The name aquamarine derives from Latin words "aqua" and "marina" - meaning sea water. Tradition holds that aquamarine gives insight and promotes mental clarity.

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Diamonds stand as the most precious gemstones and the hardest materials on earth. They are classified and valued based on the 4 Cs: Colour, Clarity, Cut, and Carat.

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The name "emerald" derives from the Greek word "smaragdos" and the Sanskrit word "marakta," both meaning "green stone." A top-quality emerald may be more valuable than a diamond.​​​​​​​

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Garnets have been praised by royalty for centuries. The crown of the Danish king Christian V was adorned with garnets.

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In many cultures, the moonstone is associated with love. According to a tale, when two people each carry a moonstone during a full moon, they are destined to fall in love.

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Opal is one of the few non-crystalline gemstones that easily cracks and breaks when exposed to varying temperatures.

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Peridot is a gem-quality variety of the mineral olivine and is one of the few gems that have only one colour. It is olive green with a golden shine.​​​​​​​

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The first rubies were found in Sri Lanka around 500 BC, but for centuries, the most sought-after rubies have arrived from the market of northern Myanmar.

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Sapphire is often regarded as the royal gemstone. Among the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom are two renowned sapphires: the St. Edward's and the Stuart Sapphire (104 carats).

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Traditionally, topaz is symbolized by wisdom, long life, and calmness. It is believed to offer protection against danger while traveling and alleviate homesickness.

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Turquoise has been highly valued as a gemstone for millennia. Revered as a holy stone, turquoise is believed to dispel all negative energy.

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