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Effective fume extraction for your workshop

What is important to consider when choosing a fume extraction system for your workshop?

Most fume extraction systems are theoretically the same, as they have a motor that draws fumes away from their surroundings through a filter system. Nonetheless, choosing a high-quality and efficient fume extraction system is still worthwhile.

Despite promises of high efficiency, high airflow, and minimal maintenance, many low-cost fume extraction systems have weak suction capacity.

When suction capacity is weak, it can create the impression that the filter is clogged. Many people end up replacing the filters unnecessarily, when the actual issue is the suction capacity.

Simple carbon filtration provides a false sense of securit

Some extraction systems are based on simple carbon filtration, which removes visible smoke particles and gives the impression of cleaner air.

However, these fume extraction systems still leave behind dangerous and invisible particles, thereby providing a false sense of security.

One significant advantage of a fume extraction system is its flexibility. The fume extraction system can be easily placed inside the workshop and moved around. Furthermore, the fume extraction nozzles can be placed very close to the source of fumes.

Achieve cleaner air with a three-stage approach

When choosing an extraction system, you should aim for a high-quality unit that can remove particles down to 0.3 microns with at least 99.5% efficiency.

The best units offer a three-stage approach comprising pre-filter, main (HEPA) filter and further activated carbon filter. This is essential for effective removal of fumes and particles.

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Extraction system, BVX-201

The extraction unit BVX-201 is a silent and powerful unit for 2 workstations.

The unit is equipped with a HEPA gas filter that absorbs solder and galvanic fumes with 99.97% efficiency.

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Demovideo: BVX-201 Extraction system

Here, we demonstrate our flexible and compact extraction system BVX-201 and its working areas.

We show how easily and quickly you can switch between HEPA- and particle-filters when you e.g. use the unit for soldering or grinding, and how flexible the extraction arms can be adapted to your working situation.


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