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Table lamp, LED Lux-x3, Badeco

Article no. BD40070
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This LED light is precisely for high-precision work, such as in the manufacture of jewellery and watches, that one needs a lighting at the same time of very high intensity and without formation of shades to allow a work of great concentration and without fatigue. Very often the luminaries used do not allow it but on the contrary produce very large areas of shadows. These zones cause a permanent change in the positioning of the luminaire. The optics of the LUX-x fixture put an end to this problem by not creating perceptible shadow structures (Microstructure - Diffuser). 


Luminaires with diffuser optics

The diffuser optic is particularly suitable for activities requiring the maximum light emission without recognizable structures (for example, the watch industry)


No noticeable shadows

Due to the redirection of the light beams through more than 100,000 microlenses, high luminance levels in the prism are prevented and a homogeneous light distribution is achieved. The effect of shadow formation in the work area is reduced to a minimum, even if the light exit opening is partially covered.


Integrated light control in the luminaire - functions:

  • Switching the lamp on / off;
  • Adjusting the brightness;
  • Setting the color temperature;
  • Saving / calling up max. three light settings;
  • Optical display of the selected light setting;
  • Locking of the setting options brightness, color temperature, memory


The storage locations are programmed with the following values on delivery:

  • Storage location 1: cold white (approx.6,500K), maximum brightness
  • Storage location 2: warm white (approx.3,000K), maximum brightness
  • Storage location 3: mixed white (approx.4,500K), maximum brightness


Mounting possibilities for articulated arm

The articulated arm has been specially designed for table / bench work. The vice mounts directly on the table. The modes of attachment are multiple, according to the types of work to be done. (Clamp, central fixing to screw, fixing for existing hole). The articulated arm allows exact positioning of the devices.