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Recycled Gold

Gold has been used for decoration for many centuries and is found in more than 90 countries around the world.

Gold has been recovered in many different ways down through the ages, but this is toilsome and demanding work, with miners often working in wretched conditions in order to make a living.

The recovery of gold also has great consequences for the environment, the most harmful of which are the felling of forest and rainforest, the removal and erosion of topsoil and the pollution of water and watercourses. In some parts of the world, gold continues to be extracted using toxic chemicals and heavy metals such as mercury, which is not only hazardous to the surroundings, but particularly harmful to humans and animals, as it damages the brain and the body’s central nervous system.

Today, these issues are the object of increased focus, and extraction methods in several mines have been enhanced as technology has continued to improve. Furthermore, existing gold is recycled and reused to a greater extent than ever before.

Due to its value, gold is perhaps the material that has been reused the greatest number of times throughout history. Recycled gold ensures conflict-free provenance

In times of crisis, in particular, many items of jewellery have been sold and sent for refining, i.e. the jewellery is refined and ends up as pure gold, after which it is put back into the cycle so that new items of jewellery can see the light of day.

The gold you buy from Aktiv Guld is indeed recycled gold. We collaborate with recognised European business partners that through certification with LBMA (The London Bullion Market Association) guarantee compliance with environmental and ethical guidelines. Gold from mining operations or other raw gold is not received at these factories; on the contrary, the gold at these factories originates exclusively from the watch and jewellery industry.

We’d also encourage you to put your gold into circulation in order to ensure the conflict-free provenance of gold in the future.


Metal Calculators

Calculate the weight of a sheet, the length of a wire or how much fine gold you need to get a higher alloy and much more.

Metal calculators

Metal account

At Aktiv Guld we have made it easy for you to recycle gold and silver, all while helping you manage your expenses. With a metal account, you can use your old gold to keep costs down when purchasing metal, chains, and other findings at Aktiv Guld.

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