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Optimize the welding process with a Siro Lasertec welding Laser

Siro Lasertec has made the welding process quick and simple, with laser welding providing completely new possibilities that are not offered by traditional technologies.

In addition to optimizing the manufacturing process, a welding laser also contributes to better ergonomics, and can thus help prevent work-related and repetitive strain injuries.


The advantages of laser systems from Siro Lasertec:

  • Ultimate precision: Because a laser is so precise, it ensures a high degree of control and can be used to weld even the tiniest parts without damaging them.
  • Handling complicated welding tasks: With laser technology you can weld different materials, in addition to which you can reach surfaces that would otherwise be difficult to reach.
  • Low heat transfer: Because it welds without direct contact, the laser ensures low transfer of heat. This reduces distortion of the items being welded.
  • Consistent and rapid welding: With a laser, it is easy to be consistent in the way in which you weld, in addition to which it is a method that is characterized by high speed. This leads to a considerable reduction in unit costs.
  • Welds with high strength: By using a laser, welds of high strength are achieved without the use of filler.

Different models for different needs

The laser system from Siro Lasertec is available in different versions, depending on your particular needs.

  • The SL20 laser system has been developed for small workshops due to its very compact design. As a tabletop model, it can be incorporated almost everywhere and is quick to set up. SL20 is primarily used for repairs, mounting and production of small series.
  • The SL30 laser system has been developed, like SL20, for small workshops with its very compact design.This welding laser is suitable for continuous operation and is particularly well suited to production of small series.
  • The SL50 V3 Thunder laser system is an efficient and practical laser system that can handle even the most demanding tasks reliably and accurately. The bedplate can be loosened, thus making it possible to work with larger items.
  • Finally, there is also the SL100 system. Please contact us to hear more.

Laser systems from Siro Lasertec all use a microscope that provides 10X magnification and enables good observation during the welding process, thus allowing the goldsmith to work on fine details without suffering unnecessary eye strain. If you also purchase a Microweld, you can reduce the diameter to just 0,05 mm.

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Lasersystem SL 20, Siro Lasertec

Developed for small workshops the lasersystem SL 20 is characterized by a tremendous compact design. As table model it is easily and quickly installed.

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