Aktiv Guld

The website is CO2 neutral

The use of websites emits significant amounts of CO2, due to the electricity consumed by visitors' computers and screens, as well as the servers hosting the website. Therefore, we have made our website carbon-neutral, ensuring that both the website and its users' CO2 emissions are offset through measurable reductions.

These reductions include the implementation of new renewable energy sources and active participation in monitored projects that reduce CO2 emissions. This way, at Aktiv Guld, we can ensure that our website's carbon usage doesn't leave a negative impact.

Learn more about the initiative and sign up your website here.

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The Ecommerce Europe Trustmark

At Aktiv Guld, you can shop safely and securely.

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Packaging and printed paper

We aim to use 100% environmentally friendly packaging.​​​​​​​

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