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With our laser welder, you will experience completely new possibilities for your jewelry making, production or service work. From the development and design process right through to the production phase, you will experience a new technical freedom, great time savings and significantly easier and faster work flows. Even for jewelry and watch repairs, laser welding makes your everyday life more efficient and solves complex and time-consuming tasks quickly, reliably and accurately. At Aktiv Guld, we have great expertise in laser welding technology and we are always available if you have any questions.

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Advantages of laser welding

A laser welder quickly becomes an indispensable work tool in the workshop, where it is used with great advantage for traditional tasks, including repairing jewelry and watches, but also tasks that would be very difficult and time-consuming to solve without it.

There are many advantages to laser welding. You can always adapt welding parameters extremely accurately to your tasks and materials and thus have full control over the welding result. With the help of the stereo microscope, you also always have full vision and control over your work. When you need to add material, such as strengthen worn parts or filling porous surfaces, you can use thin welding wires of the same material and thereby avoid color differences in microporous surfaces that you can otherwise experience when using regular solder. With good weldings, you always get a good and homogeneous metal surface that can be polished to a high shine. Even work which contend sensitive gemstones can be carried out without the need to remove the stone. Working with a laser welder results in large time savings and thus generates a significant reduction in costs for your company.

Which laser welder should I choose?

At Aktiv Guld, we have several types of laser welder. Which one to choose depends on your needs, the quantity of your production and which metals you want to work wih.

There are desk-top models that do not need much space. They fit well in smaller workshops but are also used in larger workshops. Our larger laser models are designed for companies with large volume production or when more power is required, e.g. large silverware. On our SL50 and SL75 laser systems, the working chamber can be opened from below to be able to process larger objects. The SL120 is a device that even can be opened all around for processing almost unlimited large objects.

Siro Lasertec – laser technology since 1993

Siro Lasertec has been a leader in laser technology since 1993 and has developed a number of laser machines for welding, engraving and cutting. What all of Siro Lasertec's various models have in common is the extreme user-friendliness that gives you the advantage of quickly-getting-started and using the many options that laser welding will offer your business.

All laser welder are equipped with advanced water cooling systems for maximum performance and safe operation as well as extraction systems in SL20, SL50, SL75 and SL120 with HEPA and particle filters, which ensure the extraction of almost 100% of all harmful welding fumes and particles.

At Aktiv Guld, we have authorized technicians for all Siro Lasertec welding lasers. They will help you with maintenance, repairs and technical support. We are always there for you and tailor solutions for your needs and requirements.

Get qualified guidance to buy your laser welder

Get qualified guidance to buy your laser welding device at Aktiv Guld, consists of a competent and professional team, which since 1998 has shared the customers' passion for traditional and good craftsmanship. Whether it is in tools, semi-finished products, metals or diamonds, Aktiv Guld has many years of experience, which is why we can guide and advise you on your next purchase. Furthermore, you can be sure that when you shop with us, the product is an original product, which has been procured in a responsible manner. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that the goods meet our strict quality requirements. Aktiv Guld is an authorized dealer for a number of quality brands in Denmark, Sweden and the entire Nordic region, including Siro Lasertec, GRS, Indutherm, Jentner, OSADA and many more. We keep ourselves constantly updated with new techniques and products, so that you get the best and most up-to-date advice. That way, you can always be sure that we only recommend the very best. You can therefore shop at Aktiv Guld with confidence and be sure that you are not only making a good purchase, but the right purchase. With fast delivery and high service, we help ensure that you as a customer can safely take your creative ideas out into the world.