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At Aktiv Guld we attach great importance to ergonomics, which we believe is an important prerequisite for being able to carry out high quality work, whilst at the same time helping to prevent craftsmen from suffering physical issues later in life. It is therefore important to furnish your workshop with the right workbenches. At Aktiv Guld we have more than 20 years’ experience and we know that a good workbench must be adapted to your particular tasks such that it supports your different working processes. We offer a wide range of different standard models within goldsmith tables, as well as goldsmith tables that can be tailored to your particular needs. All workbenches consist of a stable frame and solid worktops with bench pin. You also find tables with matching drawer modules that enable you to organise your goldsmith tools. We also deliver bench skin, both as the finished article which is ready to be hung on the table and as bench skin that you can adapt to your particular goldsmith table.

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Workbenches for jewellery production

Are you looking to invest in a new goldsmith table? The choice depends on your needs and preferences – as a goldsmith, you have a wide range of different tasks and therefore it is important to choose a table that suits your needs and working processes. At Aktiv Guld we sell a number of different models in different price ranges, so you are guaranteed to be able to find a workbench that suits you best. In addition to classic goldsmith tables, our range includes workbenches that can be tailored to your particular needs. Take a look at our range of workbenches and find the table that has what you are looking for.

At Aktiv Guld you will find a wide range of goldsmith tables that all have quality, function, comfort and design in common. Design is incredibly important when it comes to goldsmith tables, as a goldsmith table is not just a standard workbench. There are a great many details with respect to a goldsmith table that are of crucial importance to the work of a goldsmith. Each goldsmith table has its own particular advantages and smart features, so it is important to identify what you need when looking for the ideal goldsmith table. If you wish to store a lot of goldsmith tools, it may be of benefit to choose a table with a lot of drawers and perhaps a couple of shelves on the sides of the worktop where you can keep some of the tools that you use most often and which are thereby good to have close at hand. If you wish to have machines such as a micromotor on the table, it may be of benefit to choose a table with shelves designed especially for this purpose. If you need machines on your table, it is also a good idea to consider a table with a power outlet.

As a goldsmith you spend a great many hours at your workbench and it is therefore extremely important to choose a table of high quality. At Aktiv Guld we have a close collaboration with our suppliers and always carry out quality control on our products before they are added to our range, thus meaning that you can be certain that we only recommend the very best. You can therefore shop at Aktiv Gold with complete peace of mind and rest assured that not only are you making a good buy, you are also making the right buy. Among other things, it is our strict quality and safety standards that mean that at Aktiv Guld we boast the best assortment of tools and other equipment for goldsmiths. In addition to goldsmith tables, you will also find a good selection of chairs for your goldsmith table and an exciting range of work lamps that provide the required amount of light to work by. You will find everything you need in terms of fixtures and fittings for your goldsmith workshop at Aktiv Guld.

Choose the right goldsmith table

If you are on the lookout for a workbench that is tailor-made for your workshop or are looking for a standard model that has the necessary features for a goldsmith, then you will be able to find what you are looking for at Aktiv Guld. We have tables with lots of storage solutions that enable you to organise your tools in a logical manner, whilst still leaving enough space for small machines such as a micromotor, in addition to which you can also find smaller tables that are better suited to small goldsmith workshops where confines are tight. Among the various tables you can find different materials such as mahogany and oak, but you can also find tables with tabletops covered by laminate that is available in different colours. And the choice of colour may be important here: if you often work with a particular material, it can be a good idea to choose a contrasting colour for your tabletop that makes small items easier to see, thus saving your eyes from unnecessary strain.

All our goldsmith tables are characterised by good quality and durable materials, so you are guaranteed a solid goldsmith table that will last for many years. Remember that at Aktiv Guld we offer next-day delivery, although delivery times may be longer for customised workbenches.