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Workbench / Chairs

At Aktiv Guld we attach great importance to ergonomics, which we believe is an important prerequisite for being able to carry out high quality work, whilst at the same time helping to prevent craftsmen from suffering physical issues later in life. It is therefore important to furnish your workshop with the right workbenches. At Aktiv Guld we have more than 20 years’ experience and we know that a good workbench must be adapted to your particular tasks such that it supports your different working processes. We offer a wide range of different standard models within goldsmith tables, as well as goldsmith tables that can be tailored to your particular needs. All workbenches consist of a stable frame and solid worktops with bench pin. You also find tables with matching drawer modules that enable you to organise your goldsmith tools. We also deliver bench skin, both as the finished article which is ready to be hung on the table and as bench skin that you can adapt to your particular goldsmith table.

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20 varer
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