About us

Aktiv Guld is one of the leading suppliers to the Scandinavian Gold and Silversmiths. Since 1998 we have shared the passion for the traditional craftsmanship and beautiful design with our customers, and through our many years of experience, high quality, and fast delivery, we have provided our customers with the highest standard of service.

High quality products

Quality has always been important for the craftsmen and designers within the gold and silversmith industry both with regard to the materials and tools used in the design process as well as the final product. 

Therefore we always assure the quality of the products before including them in our assortment. This means that you are guaranteed products of the highest quality whether you are buying precious metal, semi-manufacture, diamonds and stones – or tools and machines.

Experience and know-how

Our strength is our employee’s many years of experience within the field and their great know-how. We take a great pleasure in always keeping up to date with the latest techniques and products, so you are ensured the best guidance possible.

Practical guidance is achieved through our workshops and seminars where we invite customers to get hands on experience, but also to strengthen their professional and personal business network.

Can we do things better?

In our efforts to become the closest and most trusted business partner we value your honesty and strive for your satisfaction.

Do you have any suggestions to how we can do things better, please contact us by phone at +45 43 66 20 00 or send an e-mail to ag@aktivguld.com and let us know.