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PUK Welding Machine

When making jewelry, it is crucial to have the right equipment to get good results. At Aktiv Guld, we do not compromise on quality. One of the machines that has become popular with many goldsmiths and jewelry designers is the spot welder PUK6, from Lampert Werktechnik GmbH. Below you will find the machine and accessories.

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Spot welder with highest performance and precision

Aktiv Guld is the only retailer and service partner in Scandinavia for the compact and versatile spot welder PUK6 and its accessories. Thanks to its exclusive fine welding technology, it handles all welding tasks from the smallest repair to larger productions with highest precision.

This welder is excellent for e.g. applications on settings, adding material to a workpiece, fixing parts together before soldering, repairing porosity, welding joints and much more.

Any metal or alloy suitable for TIG welding is also suitable for PUK welding. These include precious metals and precious metal alloys, as well as many types of steel, titanium, nickel and tin alloys.

PUK6 has won a design award

Not only is the innovative spot welder from Lampert already recognized and appreciated in more than 100 countries, but it has even garnered international recognition from the iF Design Award 2022 – an international design prize awarded by the independent organization iF International Forum Design.

PUK 6 has a number of new features that make its design groundbreaking. In particular, the user interface has been optimized so that it has become much more clear and easier to operate, compared to previous models, and it also has a number of pre-programmed welding settings, that makes the machine easy to use for everyone.

"The shape factor of the welder consists of circular and softly rounded shapes. The user interface is simple and minimalist and offers exceptional ergonomics and a better welding experience," says iF in the assessment.

20 years of experience in developing spot welder

Lampert has 20 years of experience in developing spot welder, and PUK6 is already the sixth generation. Among other things, it can be used for welding settings, adding metal to a workpiece, fixing parts together before soldering, repairing porosity, welding joints and much more.

With PUK6, it is both possible to weld at a very high speed - which is perfect for e.g. silver, with its very high thermal conductivity, but also weld in "micro mode" - which gives full control, when you are in need to process delicate and thin jewelry. As an additional function, there is a process control, which means that the electrode avoids getting stuck on the workpiece, if you press too hard or shake with your hand. In this way, even beginners, with little or no experience, can achieve a good welding result.

Maintenance of PUK6

Aktiv Guld offers a range of tools that contribute to maintaining and ensuring a long life of your spot welder PUK6.

We offer i.a. different types of electrode grinders, which are an indispensable hand tool when working with PUK. With the electrode grinder, you sharpen your welding electrodes so that you can always achieve the best possible welding results.

Equipment with ergonomics in focus

As an option, there is an optical unit with magnification available, to be able to weld even larger objects without a microscope. The optics unit comes with LED lights as well as an LCD shutter system that protects your eyes while you are welding.

If you prefer to work with a foot pedal, it is available as an accessory for your PUK. As an alternative to the automated welding process, each individual welding spot can be activated individually using the foot pedal.