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Casting is a versatile discipline that ranges from clay casting to advanced casting machines with vibration technology. No matter how you approach the task, Aktiv Guld has a wide range of machines and equipment that can help you get started with your jewelry production. At Aktiv Guld, we are the sole distributor of casting machines from Indutherm in Denmark. Here you will find various quality models that are suitable for both large and small jewelry productions. If you would like to learn more about our range, you are always welcome to contact us or visit our showroom on Vallensbækvej.

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Initiate your casting process 

If you need to produce a larger quantity of the same piece of jewelry, casting is the absolute best and most efficient method. The use of casting techniques provides many possibilities in terms of design and metal alloys, which would otherwise be difficult and time-consuming to achieve through other methods.

There is a lot of work involved before the actual casting process, including preparing the model to be cast, constructing the casting tree, mixing plaster for the mold, burnout, and preparing the alloy metal. Therefore, the casting process can be time-consuming.

At Aktiv Guld, we have gathered a range of machines, tools, and accessories to help you get started with your casting process.

Casting machines from Indutherm 

A casting machine is suitable for a workshop that wants control over the entire production process from development to the finished jewelry in silver, gold, and platinum.

At Aktiv Guld, we are the sole distributor of casting machines from Indutherm in Denmark. We offer both casting systems from the MC series and the VC series. The MC series casting systems consist of compact machines that operate on 220 volts, yet they pack a considerable amount of power. Casting machines from the VC series are larger, incredibly robust, and designed for continuous operation. These machines are suitable for large-scale production in terms of capacity and efficiency.

At Aktiv Guld, you will also find a wide selection of accessories for our casting machines from Indutherm. We offer specialized crucibles and thermocouples. 

Find our selection of casting accessories here. 

If you are unsure about which casting machine and related equipment you need for your jewelry production, you are always welcome to contact us.

Injection wax and wax injectors 

At Aktiv Guld, you will find a wide range of injection wax. So whether you need wax with low shrinkage or wax types that are suitable for stone mounting, you can find it in Aktiv Guld's assortment. 

When it comes to casting wax, it is important to heat it correctly so that it can be easily pressed into the mold. At Aktiv Guld, we offer a wide selection of wax injectors to help you with this process. You can find wax injectors with various capacities, including models with a capacity of 1.5 kilograms and larger wax injectors for those who need to handle large quantities of wax. Our range includes both manual wax injectors and wax injectors that require an external compressor. 

Professional courses for goldsmiths 

At Aktiv Guld, we regularly offer courses where you have the opportunity to develop your practical skills and at the same time strengthen your professional and personal network in the industry. So if you want expertise in specific tool groups and specialized knowledge on how to use them optimally in your daily work, Aktiv Guld's courses are definitely worth experiencing.

Find out more about our courses here.