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Privacy and Cookie Policy 

This policy on treatment of personal data and cookies describes how Aktiv Guld A/S ("Aktiv Guld", "us", "our", "we") collects and processes information about you.

The privacy and cookie policy applies to personal data that you provide when in contact with Aktiv Guld as a customer or business partner – for example, when purchasing a product from Aktiv Guld, making an enquiry to our Customer Service, or when using the webshop  www.aktivguld.com.

1. Protection of personal data

This policy applies to www.aktivguld.com, which is owned and operated by: 

Aktiv Guld AB
c/o Lrf Konsult, Box 565
201 25 Malmö
CVR no. 556862-3044
Phone: +46 0222 – 780 100
Email: ag@aktivguld.com 

Aktiv Guld is subject to the Data Protection Act and any processing of personal data takes place under observance of the Data Protection Act. Pursuant to the Data Protection Act, Aktiv Guld is to be considered as the data controller of the information that is registered about customers and visitors to the website.

2. What sort of information do we collect?

Aktiv Guld collects information on our users in two ways: through so-called 'cookies' (see next section) and through registration (see below).

When making a purchase on the website, Aktiv Guld automatically collects information about you on www.aktivguld.com e.g. which browser you use, your IP address, and how you use our website. This information is collected via cookies. The specific information collected depends on the cookies that you have accepted. You can read more about cookies and how we use them below. 

When shopping at www.aktivguld.com, Aktiv Guld collects information such as the customer’s name, address, telephone number and email address – which is required to execute the order and which is used exclusively to process the order. This information is transmitted and saved electronically for a period of 5 years. Aktiv Guld does not store credit card information.

In addition to the purchasing process, Aktiv Guld can also request personal data when you wish to sign up for newsletters, competitions and other services. Personal data collected by Aktiv Guld in that connection is name, address and email address. If you give your consent to join our mailing list, you regularly receive newsletters and invitations to events and competitions. You can sign up for and cancel this service free of charge at any time.

3. For which purpose is your information used?

Aktiv Guld treats your personal information for following purposes:

  • Fulfilment of our contract with you such as delivery of goods that you have ordered.
  • Answering customer inquiries, customer service, and handling of complaints.
  • Sending out newsletters and organising competitions as a part of our marketing activities.
  • Statistics and analysing of data to improve our products and website.
  • Direct marketing.
  • Furthermore, we can process your personal information if this is necessary for the ordinary business operation, e.g. so that we can fulfil our legal obligations according to the Swedish Accounting Act, we can pursue a legal interest, or in connection with legal disputes.

4. Legal basis for processing personal information

Aktiv Guld’s processing of personal information is always based on a legal basis.

We can process your personal information in the following ways:

  1. When you shop at our website the processing will be necessary to fulfil the contract that you take part in, or for the purpose of conducting special arrangements on your request prior to entering into a contract.
  2. The processing is necessary for Aktiv Guld or a third party to pursue a legal interest that doesn’t surpass the interest of the registered.
  3. The processing is necessary to fulfil a legal responsibility that fall on Aktiv Guld, e.g. according to the Swedish Accounting Act. Your informed consent, which is the case if you sign up for our newsletter or take part in competitions. 

5. How long do we store your personal information?   

Personal information may only be stored as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purposes described in this privacy policy. We may store your personal information in the period that is necessary to establish, exercise, or defend legal rights. The length of the period we store the data can furthermore be affected by other rules of law than the Data Protection Act.

Information about transactions is stored for 5 years from the transaction day in accordance with the Swedish Accounting Act.

Personal information gathered when signing up for our newsletter is deleted when you withdraw your consent unless we have another basis for processing the information.

Personal information that is connected to your account at Aktiv Guld is deleted by request if you no longer wishing to have an account at Aktiv Guld.

6. How do we protect your personal data?

It is important to Aktiv Guld that your personal data is stored securely and in full confidence. Access to all registered user data at www.aktivguld.com is restricted to trusted employees, and our security measures are checked on an ongoing basis to determine whether information about our users is handled properly and with due consideration of your rights.

Aktiv Guld encrypts all your account information with the so-called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. This means that unauthorised persons cannot read your card number or other information during the Teller transaction. Note also that the site at which you provide your account information looks different to the rest of the webshop. This is due to a requirement from Teller that the site must be secure and the information encrypted.

7. With whom do we share personal data?

Our website is hosted by external suppliers that process the data on our behalf and based on our instructions.

In order to be able to continue to develop and improve the website, we keep statistics of how users use the site, e.g. to see which pages and browsers are the most popular amongst our customers. Aktiv Guld uses Google Analytics to collect user statistics and discloses IP addresses to Google. Privacy conditions for Google Analytics can be found at http://www.google.com/intl/da_DK/policies/privacy/.

In connection with the delivery of goods that you have purchased at Aktiv Guld, information concerning your name, address, email, telephone number and order number and specific delivery requirements will be disclosed to PostNord or another carrier responsible for delivering the purchased goods to you. 

Furthermore, personal information can be shared with our business partners, e.g. auditors as part of the ordinary running of the company if we have a lawful interest in this that doesn’t surpasses the interest of the registered. Personal information can also be shared with public authorities if this is required by law.

8. Your rights

According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have a number of rights in relation to our processing of data about you. If you wish to exercise your rights, you must contact us.

  • Right to insight: You have the right to get insight into the personal data about you that we process, in addition to information about how your personal data is processed, including the purpose of processing the data, with whom the personal data is shared and information about the period of time in which your personal data is stored. You also have the right to know from where your personal data originates.
  • Right to correction: You have the right to have inaccurate/incorrect data about you corrected. You also have the right to ensure that any incomplete personal data about you is made complete.
  • Right to deletion: In special circumstances you have the right to have data about you deleted before the time at which our standard general deletion takes effect.
  • Right to restrictions on processing: In certain circumstances you have the right to impose restrictions on the processing of your personal data such that this only consists of storage, e.g. if you believe that the data we process about you is not correct.  
  • Right to data portability: In certain circumstances you have the right to have personal data that you have given to us made available in a reader-friendly format and have the right to assign this data to another data controller.
  • Right to objection: In certain circumstances you have the right to make an objection to our processing of your personal data. You can also object to the processing of your data for direct marketing. If you do not wish us to use your personal data in connection with direct marketing and profiling, you must delete your cookies.
  • Right to withdraw your consent: You have the right to withdraw your consent that you have granted us for particular processing of personal data at any time, including forwarding of newsletters. If you wish to withdraw your consent, you must contact  ag@aktivguld.com. If you withdraw your consent, it doesn’t affect the legality of information processing if this is based on your consent before the withdrawal.

You can read more about your rights in the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection’s (IMY) guidelines on the rights of registered parties, which you can find at www.imy.se.

9. Your acceptance and amendment/deletion of personal data

If your personal data changes, e.g. your email address, or if you no longer wish to use the services that you have signed up for at www.aktivguld.com, it is possible to update or delete your personal data by either logging onto your account at www.aktivguld.com or sending an email to ag@aktivguld.com

10. Amendments to guidelines  

Aktiv Guld reserves the right to update and amend the guidelines in this policy. When we do this, we will also alter the date of 'latest update' at the end of the document.

11. Complaints to the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection

You have the right to submit a complaint to the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection if you are dissatisfied with the way in which we process your personal data. You can find the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection’s contact information at www.imy.se.


Aktiv Guld’s website uses technical necessary cookies and the types of cookies you have approved during the first visit on our website.

12. Why do we use cookies? 

When you visit www.aktivguld.com for the first time, you automatically receive a cookie. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and which registers you as a unique user. This cookie identifies Aktiv Guld’s web server when you visit www.aktivguld.com and registers the use thereof. In this way the website can recognise your computer, tablet, or smartphone and your IP address from visit to visit and thereby collect information about which pages you visit, which functions you use, and when and how long this happens. Cookies can furthermore be used to targeted ads.

Aktiv Guld uses cookies to generate demographic and user-related statistics in order to shed light on who visits www.aktivguld.com.

Aktiv Guld registers information such as IP addresses, number of bytes sent and received, Internet host, time, type of browser, version and language, date, etc. This type of information enables us to adapt and create content and services that match your interests and wishes. A cookie is not a program and cannot contain virus.

13. Cookie consent 

First time you visit our website, you will be asked to give consent, but also later if you previously declined cookies. It is optional if you want to accept cookies. If you have given consent when you first visit the website, you will not be asked to give consent again if you later visit the website from the same browser. Thereby your consent is remembered later when you visit the website. You can at any time withdraw your consent via the link below.

Aktiv Guld is legitimated to place technical necessary cookies on your computer, tablet, or smartphone without consent if they are strictly necessary to secure the delivery of the service that you explicitly have requested. For all other types of cookies, we must collect your consent.

Your consent applies to the following domain: www.aktivguld.com 

14. What cookies do Aktiv Guld use?

Our website uses different types of cookies. Some cookies are placed by a third party and are displayed on our website.

We use the following types of cookies:

  • Strictly necessary cookies: These are cookies that are required for the operation of our platform. The website doesn’t work properly without these cookies.
  • Statistical: These cookies help us to understand how users interact with the website by collecting and reporting information anonymous.

You can read more about the individual cookies and their purpose by clicking on the “Show details” button in the cookie declaration. Cookies with personal information is only to be used for specific purposes stated in this privacy and cookie policy.

15. How to delete or avoid cookies 

At any time, you can change or withdraw your cookie consent. If you withdraw your consent we only set the cookies that are necessary to secure the delivery of the service you explicitly have requested. You can change your consent by clicking the shortcut key (the green circle) that is found in the lower left corner on the website.

If you withdraw your consent, the cookies in question will automatically be blocked in your browser. Thus, it is not necessary to change your browser settings.

If you don’t want cookies to be stored on your devices you can block cookies in your browser settings.

16. How long are cookies stored?

It may vary how long certain cookies are stored on your devices and browsers. The duration of the cookies (expiration date) is calculated from your latest visit on the website. When a cookie expires, it is deleted automatically. The duration of the different cookies can be found under “Show details” in the cookie declaration.

17. Third party cookies

Some cookies are set by a third party on our website. We share information about your activities on our website with these partners.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics works with a cookie to track user activity. This cookie holds a random generated ID that is used to recognise your browser when you read a webpage that uses Google Analytics. The cookie holds no personal data and is only used to analyse webpages. We use Google Analytics to measure and analyse the activity on our webpage www.aktivguld.com such as pages visited, user geography, and behavioural history.


We use MailChimp to send out newsletters and store email addresses. When you sign up for our newsletter service you give us permission to transmit your data to MailChimp and accept that these data are treated according to MailChimp’s privacy policy.


Vimeo collects information about the users and their activities on the website through an embedded video player with the purpose of analysing and reporting. 

Our partners can combine these data with other information you have given them or with data they have collected from your use of their services. At any time, you can withdraw your consent, see section above. For more information about third party use of your personal information, we refer to the cookie declaration where you can find more information in the associated links under each cookie description.

18. Third party cookies

If you have any questions to the cookies we use or our cookie policy, you are welcome to contact us:

Aktiv Guld AB
c/o Lrf Konsult, Box 565
201 25 Malmö
CVR no. 556862-3044
Phone: +46 0222 – 780 100
Email: ag@aktivguld.com

If you wish to contact us regarding your consent, please state your consent-ID and date.

*This Privacy and Cookie Policy is latest updated December 11, 2020.