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Soldering / Melting Equipment

Soldering and melting equipment are everyday tasks in the goldsmith's workshop. In jewelry making, primarily two techniques are used for metal joining. At Aktiv Guld, we have a wide range of machines and equipment that you can use for the most traditional to the most innovative melting and soldering methods. Discover laser welders in various models, the high-tech PUK 6-point welder from Lampert, and the soldering machine Lötstar from MIG-O-MAT, among others. There are many possibilities, and at Aktiv Guld, we are always available to assist you. We also provide installation assistance so that you can start your soldering and welding tasks smoothly.

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Welding machines for jewelry production

The most commonly used welding methods in jewelry manufacturing are laser welding and spot welding. At Aktiv Guld, we offer various models of laser welders and the high-tech PUK 6 welding machine from Lampert.

We have compiled an overview of both welding machines, each used for different purposes and with their respective advantages.

Find your laser welder at Aktiv Guld

With a laser welder, you'll experience new technical freedom, significant time savings, and easier and faster workflows. At Aktiv Guld, we offer several types of laser welders. The one you should choose depends on your needs, the scale of your jewelry production, and the metals you work with.

You can find tabletop models that don't take up much space and can easily fit into smaller workshops. These tabletop models are primarily suitable for minor repairs, small series production, and the assembly of items like chatons.

Additionally, we offer larger laser welders that are fast and more powerful. These laser welders can handle even the most challenging tasks reliably and precisely, making them highly suitable for larger series production and production in silver. The SL 50 laser system also allows for the removal of the welding table itself, providing space to work on larger objects.

Explore our selection of laser welders here.

PUK 6 from Lampert

At Aktiv Guld, we take pride in being distributors of the high-tech PUK 6 welding machine from Lampert. Lampert boasts an impressive 20 years of experience in developing spot welding machines, and the PUK 6 represents the sixth generation of their welders. PUK 6 is a compact and versatile welder equipped with exclusive fine welding technology, allowing you to perform welds with outstanding precision, whether it's for small repairs or larger productions.

The PUK welder is used for tasks such as setting gemstones, adding metal to an object, fixing items before soldering, and repairing porosity or weld seams. It can weld all metals or alloys suitable for TIG welding, including precious metals, precious metal alloys, steel, titanium, nickel, and tin alloys.

PUK 6 is highly recognized in the design world. This innovative spot welder from Lampert is not only valued in over 100 countries but also won the iF Design Award 2022. This international design award acknowledges PUK 6's groundbreaking design. The user interface has been optimized and made more intuitive than previous models, and it includes pre-programmed welding settings, making it easy to operate for everyone.

Soldering equipment for jewelry manufacturing

At Aktiv Guld, we have a wide range of soldering equipment and accessories that are indispensable for the daily work of goldsmiths.

To create the most functional soldering setup, it is recommended to acquire various accessories such as regulators, Skamolex board, and hose clamps. These are essential for the traditional torch soldering method, where a soldering gun is used. At Aktiv Guld, we offer several high-quality soldering guns for propane gas and compressed air. These soldering guns are particularly suitable for daily work on repairs and the production of new jewelry designs.

You can find our wide range of soldering guns and soldering accessories here.

For more complicated and specific tasks, other soldering methods exist. Some metal alloys require very high heat for successful soldering, and for such tasks, the MIG-O-MAT soldering system is an optimal solution. Another advantage of this soldering machine from MIG-O-MAT is that it uses electrolysis, allowing you to avoid traditional gas, unlike the classic soldering gun.

Gas-Free Soldering Machine from MIG-O-MAT

At Aktiv Guld, we offer three different models of the Lötstar soldering machine from MIG-O-MAT, depending on the specific needs of the goldsmith or silversmith. For instance, choosing the right model depends on how many people will use the machine and the types of metals you primarily work with.

The 241 and 301 machines are better suited for larger pieces of metal, but all machines are durable and built for permanent and continuous use. They are also all low-noise during operation.

Lötstar is a forward-thinking machine because the microflame used for soldering runs on hydrogen, produced through electrolysis. This means you have an energy source that never runs out, and you don't have to deal with or pay for gas cylinders when working with the machine.