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Traditional craftsmanship is a cornerstone of our work. For several decades, we have been organizing courses for professionals to pass on the good craftsmanship as well as introducing new technology. Here on this page, you can read what our students have shared with us.

Anders Hansen på GRS-fattekursus
Anders Hansen og Ben Bentvelzen på GRS-fattekursus

It's like going on vacation

Anders Hansen is a trained goldsmith and owns the store "Guldsmedene i Roskilde.” Anders has participated in Aktiv Guld's GRS setting course three times and once in our GRS engraving course with Ben Bentvelzen as the instructor.

"I first heard about Aktiv Guld's courses at the trade fair in Munich, where I had the pleasure of meeting Ben. His expertise and passion for the craft impressed me from the start.

For me, it's about staying committed to the craft and continually challenging oneself. That's why I've also attended several GRS courses. Ben has a remarkable skill in customizing the instruction to suit the skill level of each participant. He motivates us to strive for excellence while ensuring that the teaching remains accessible to everyone.

I've learned new techniques and know now how to sharpen tools for setting and engraving work. After the course we've implemented fishtail settings on our alliance rings in our store. The sale is great and it's a good way to stand out.

The reason I have participated in the GRS stone setting and engraving course multiple times is that it offers something new each time. In addition, it's truly great to give oneself the time to immerse. It's actually like going on vacation, where you allow yourself to learn new things."

Maiken Pade på GRS-fattekursus

A week of enriched learning

​​​​​​​Maiken Pade is a trained goldsmith and owner of the shop "Guldsmed Maiken Pade". Maiken has participated multiple times in Aktiv Guld's GRS setting course with Ben Bentvelzen as the instructor.

"At that time, I felt confident in my foundational skills, but I believed there was room for improvement, especially in my stone-setting techniques. Additionally, the course was a great opportunity to better learn a new machine that we had just received in the workshop.

It was an intense and highly educational week. Ben is an exceptionally skilled instructor in every way. He was patient and took the time to address any questions I might have. It was nice to experience that there was time for each student, no matter their level of skill.

It was great to meet others from the industry. You get inspired and can share insights along the way. Overall, there was a great atmosphere, and the fact that the size of the class wasn't too big was a significant advantage.

I can thoroughly recommend it"

Henrik Taka og Ben Bentvelzen på GRS-fattekursus
Henrik Taka på GRS-fattekursus

One of the best stonesetters

Henrik Taka is an independent goldsmith with his own workshop. He has participated twice in Aktiv Guld's GRS setting course with Ben Bentvelzen as the instructor

"Every time I visit Aktiv Guld, I am welcomed by a high level of professionalism, whether it relates to their services, products, or courses. That's why I had no hesitation in trying out Aktiv Guld's courses when I heard about them in the industry.

The instructor, Ben, has left a lasting impression on me. He is truly inspiring. In my opinion, he's one of the best stonesetters. It was also his ability to impart knowledge that made me decide to attend another GRS setting course. And it was even better the second time around, as I had gained more experience.

Observing Ben's approach to various setting techniques was exceptionally instructive. He showed me a different approach to channel setting, than what I had previously learned. Furthermore, I received assistance with a technique that wasn't directly related to the topic of the course, but Ben managed to accommodate it without disrupting the rest of the class.

I would definitely sign up for another GRS-course at Aktiv Guld."


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