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Diamond - the symbol of true love and strength

For many, diamonds symbolize honesty, purity, and faith; for others, strength, success, and security. These associations stem from various cultures, legends, and religious myths. There is also a tradition of connecting diamonds and love – as reflected in the French word amour, the Italian amore, and the Spanish amor.

The diamond is the most popular gemstone and the hardest material on earth: 10 at the Mohs' scale. Diamonds are classified and valued according to the 4 Cs (Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat).

The diamond is the birthstone of April.

The origin and meaning of the gemstone

Stories about the diamond have been told in India 800 years BC.

The French explorer, Jean Baptiste Tavernier (1605-89), traveled in the early 1600s to the Far East and brought diamonds to the Sun King, Louis XIV. Tavernier introduced the diamond to Europe, and became the first diamond dealer between India and Europe.

The word “diamond” is derived from the Greek word “adamas”, which means the inevitable, and it can be seen in the light of the diamond's ability to pierce everything. Diamonds can have many colors and, in their colorlessness, may seem almost transparent even though the diamond consists of pure carbon (C).

Diamanter cushion brillant
Diamanter brillanter

Where do I find diamonds?

Before the 18th century India was the only country in the world, where diamonds was extracted systematically.

In 1725 diamonds were found in Brazil, which was quite convenient, as the Indian mines were becoming exhausted.The first South African diamond was found in 1867 - and in less than ten year South Africa became the largest mining country of diamonds. Investigations revealed that extinct volcanoes contained an unprecedented rock, kimberlite, which can form diamonds. South Africa was for a long time sovereignly the largest producer of jewelry diamonds with 90 % of the world market.

In 1955 the first discovery of diamonds in Siberia was revealed.

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