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Emerald - love, faithfulness, and spring

The name derives from Greek “smaragdos” and Sanskrit “marakta” meaning “green stone”. A top-quality emerald may be more valuable than a diamond. Emerald is the birthstone of May.

Where do I find emeralds?

The world's largest deposits of emerald are found in Colombia in South America, accounting around 78 percent of the world production. In recent decades the emerald production has increased as a result of newly discovered deposits in South America, Africa and across Europe.

Today, Brazil and Zambia are among the leading producers of fine emeralds, following Colombia. The Muzo mine is the most important site, placed approx. 100 km. northwest of Bogota, Colombia.

The unique characteristics of the gemstone

Emerald is the most precious stone in the beryl group, the same mineral group as aquamarine. The geen color arrives mainly from chromium. By definition emerald is any medium to dark green beryl colored by chromium. If the green beryl is only colored by vanadium, it is not considered to be true emerald, but rather as green beryl. Emerald is 7½ - 8 on Moh's scale of hardness.

Smaragd grøn ædelsten

Famous gemstones

The historical green color of emerald is unparalleled in the world of gemstones and it is considered as one of the most precious four gemstones, which also includes sapphire, ruby and diamond. At the British Museum of Natural History in London a splendid emerald of more than 100 carats are exhibited and at the Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. a emerald of 858 carat is situated.

One of the most impressive emeralds is stored in the Treasury of Vienna. It is a 12 cm tall jar of 2.205 carat, cut out of a single piece of gem. The Iranian National Treasury holds the former Emperor Farah's Emerald Diadem and the Istanbul's Topkapi Museum exhibits precious emerald jewelry from the Turkish Sultans.

Emerald became more common in Europe, after the Spanish conquest of South America in the 16th century.

In 1723 the Danish king Christian the 6th gave a beautiful collection of emerald jewelry to his wife, Queen Sophie Magdalene. She decided that her jewelry should always be available to all future queens of Denmark. The diamond parure in the Danish Crown Jewels is probably the most expensive one, but the emerald collection has quite the same value, considering its size.It is said that no royal house has an emerald collection like the Danish one – and the collection is exhibited at Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen!

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