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Grenade or Garnet - friendship and trust

Traditionally is the grenade considered as the symbol of success and eternal friendship, and it has therefore been used as a farewell gift between friends. The grenade has also symbolized to help maintain the passion between loving couples and was used as a gift when lovers had to divide for a long time.

Granat rød ædelsten

The origin and meaning of the gemstone

The term “grenade” is for most people considered to be a small bomb, thrown by hand with explosives, but originally the name refers to the red fruits of the pomegranate. It derives from the Latin word granatus, meaning grain.

According to legends, Noah used lanterns made of garnet, helping him to see in the dark – depending on the brilliance of the gem to steer the Ark safely at rainy nights. Since then, many explorers have tried to use garnet to illuminate at night, and more symbolically considered the grenade as a protection against ignorance and evil.

Some believed that the stone could cure depression/melancholy, provide protection from evil dreams, cure liver disease and against poisoning.

Stories of garnet

Since ancient times garnets have been used in jewelry and Platon had his portrait engraved on a garnet gemstone.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the red-brown garnet gained a very large popularity in Europe.

Later, rhodolite became more popular, as it seemed more intense with its red color, which is due to a little difference in the chemical properties. Tsavorite - the emerald green garnet - was named by Tiffany & Co. in New York after the discovery in 1967, near Tsavo National Park in northeastern Tanzania.

Granat rød ædelsten hjerte

The Danish Crown Jewellery

The garnet has been praised by royalties for hundreds of years. The crown of the Danish king Christian the 5th was decorated with diamonds, sapphires and garnets. The crown was last used at the anointing of Christian 8. From 1848 and afterwards it has been used at funerals, where the crown is placed at the coffin, at castrum doloris.

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