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An important step in the transition to a greener future

Jentner Plating Technology has taken a major step in a more sustainable direction and now offers the first rhodium bath made of 100% recycled materials.

Rhodium is widely used in the goldsmith industry, in particular to create attractive surfaces. Extraction of rhodium is extremely energy-intensive and resource-intensive, however, and has a heavy impact on the environment and climate, which also drives up prices on products that contain rhodium.

Jentner has taken on this challenge and developed a climate-friendly technology which means that the company can now offer a sustainable alternative at an attractive price.

Forward-looking technology makes it possible to recycle rhodium bath

During the past two years Jentner has been working on the development of rhodium products through a production process that does not involve energy-intensive and resource-intensive mining, but which is exclusively based on recycling.

The result is a forward-looking and more climate-friendly technology that makes it possible to recycle old rhodium baths, including black rhodium, as well as other materials without a separation process.

Clean Rhodium

The first product is just the beginning

The first product that has been created on the basis of this modern technology is JE88 Clean Rhodium, which possesses the same good qualities as JE88 rhodium concentrate, but is made of 100% recycled materials.

JE88 Clean Rhodium is just the first step on the journey, however. In the longer term, Clean Line will make up the entire Jentner range, so that as a customer you will enjoy a much greater choice of sustainable alternatives.

Effectuve recycling of hazardous waste

As part of the new production form, Jentner takes back used galvanizing baths. This means that in future you will not have to go to the local recycling centre and deposit your rhodium in hazardous waste, but can simply return it to Aktiv Guld, which will forward it to Jentner, where it will be upcycled to new rhodium.

Sustainability is a universal responsibility and by returning your used rhodium to Jentner, we ensure that hazardous waste does not end up in the wrong place where it can cause harm to the environment, but instead gets a new lease of life as a valuable product that can be used in future jewellery production.     

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Rhodium concentrate JE88 CLEAN, Jentner

JE88 Clean rhodium contains the same excellent qualities as its predecessor but is made from 100% recycled materials.

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