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Moonstone - intuition, charm, and romance

The moonstone has been used in jewelry for centuries. It was very popular in the Art Nouveau period in the 19th century, and the French goldsmith René Lalique often used the moonstone in his jewelry and sculptures. Our own Georg Jensen, who spent some years in France, became deeply fascinated by the moonstone and used it in many of his models, which are still seen/sold in collections. ​​​​​​​


The origin and meaning of the gemstone

Some believed that the moonstone was swung out of the moon's volcanoes. A Hindu legend tells you that if you had a moonstone in your mouth by full moon, you would be able to speak of the future. The ancient Romans believed that the moonstone was drops of moonlight.

In a lot of cultures the moonstone is linked with love, when two people carries each a moonstone at full moon, they will fall in love.

Where do I find moonstones?

Several moonstones come from Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), and in some contexts one can encounter the term “Ceylon Opal”, probably due to the color effect, which is especially evident in these colorless moonstones. Deposits of moonstone can also be located in India, Myanmar, Brazil, Madagascar, Tanzania, Poland, America and Norway.

The unique characteristics of the gemstone

The moonstone is the most well-known gemstone variety of feldspar, a potassium aluminum silicate. The moonstone is relatively soft with hardness 6 on Mohs’ scale.

This gem is most often colorless, but can occur in a wide range of colors, including yellow, brown, orange, green, pink, blue and white. The moonstone has a white to bluish-white sheen, called adularescence.


Famous gemstones

At the Smithsonian National Gem Collection there is a 107.84 carat moonstone from Tanzania with high adularescence from a mine near Kilsoa. In Sri Lanka, you can see magnificent moonstone at the Anuradhapura's Buddhist- and historical sites.

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