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The new PUK 6: Setting standards of technology

Lampert just launched the new PUK 6 with improved functionality once more. Welding on fittings, adding metal to a work piece, joining items prior to soldering, welding a loop, fixing porosity, or welding seams are just a few of the examples possible with PUK 6.

New PUK 6 features:

  • Quick operation and material selection through direct menu selection with one single turn-push-tilt knob
  • Up to 3.3 welding spots per second: Welding sequence now up to 65 % faster
  • Refined micro-mode enables new welding possibilities with finer increments in adjustment when welding at the lowest possible performance range.
  • New standby mode – quick restart, minimum energy consumption

Aktiv Guld and Lampert have a long history and we have followed the development close through the years. We have a firm belief that the PUK system is the absolute best on the market and are thereby proud to present the new, innovative design once again.

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If you are curious about PUK 6, don’t hesitate to contact us for a demo in out showroom in Vallensbæk, Denmark. Contact us by phone +45 43662000 or e-mail: ag@aktivguld.com

You can also learn more about the new PUK in the video below where Christoph Straube from Lampert takes you through the new features.

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PUK 6 Welding Machine

The PUK precision welding equipment puts a multitude of possible applications at your fingertips. The operating principle is as simple as it is ingenious and the result is a clean and stable weld.

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