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Topaz - the calm of loyalty and the fire of truth

Traditionally, topaz is symbolized with wisdom, long life and calmness. It protects against danger, when travelling – and homesickness.

Topas blå ædelsten

The origin and meaning of the gemstone

The name “topaz” originates from the Latin “Topazus” or the Greek “Topazios”. Topazios was the former name of St. John’s Island, at the Red Sea. The ancient Greeks mined a yellowish gem that they believed to be topaz, at the island. The name means “to seek” in Greek – and the island was rather difficult to find.

The yellowish gem the ancient Greeks mined was in fact peridot, rather than topaz. The word “topaz” could also stem from the Sanskrit word “tapas”, meaning “fire”. In Hebrew, tapooz means orange / orange.

Topaz is one of the precious stones that form the basis of the 12 foundation stones in New Jerusalem. In the Second Book of Moses (28:17), Topaz is mentioned: “Attach 12 gems to it in four rows. The top row must consist of a ruby, a topaz and an emerald.” But perhaps the topaz is confused with peridot.

Where can I find topaz?

Topaz can be found in many places of the world - at the Topaz Mountain in western Utah, USA, at the Ural Mountains in Russia, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, Zaire, Madagascar and in Australia.

In Brazil you can find boulders weighing up to hundreds of pounds. Crystals of this size are usually seen in museums. Topaz is an aluminum silicate that contains fluorine and hydroxyl. In its pure form it is colorless. Impurities are causing the different variations in color.    

The biggest ​​topaz, Eldorado, weighs 31,000 carat! It is an emerald-cut yellow topaz gemstone found in Minas Gerais in Brazil – and it weighed 37 kg, uncut.

The unique characteristics of the gemstone

Topas blå ædelsten hjerteform

Topaz has a hardness of 8 on Mohs' scale and like the diamond; topaz has a perfect cleavage, causing it to split with the force a single blow. The most common topaz today is blue, either “sky blue”, “Swiss blue” or “London blue”.

Topaz is probably best known as colorless, but is also found in blue, brown, orange, gray, yellow, green, pink and reddish pink shades.

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